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5555 N. Lamar Blvd, Suite L-121
Austin, TX

AustinBorn is a modern parenting center in Austin, TX offering classes and services in an inclusive atmosphere. We offer birth + postpartum doula care, group prenatal classes, childbirth education, loss support, postpartum support groups, breastfeeding support group, lactation counseling, breastfeeding education and special workshops. Come say hello and check out our cozy space. We can't wait to meet you!

Can you picture that?


Can you picture that?

Austin Born

It may be a gray, chilly Monday morning, but I'm all smiles.

I couldn't be more excited to be part of the AustinBorn team!  We started at the end of 2013 with just a dream, when Phyllis dared to say it out loud: what if we started a doula collective, and we had our own space to host groups, and we pooled our skills in order to serve women and their partners better...

As Lacreshia, Phyllis and I met and dreamed and worked feverishly over the past few months, a song kept playing in my head--a sort of soundtrack to the dream we were making come true.  

Can you picture that? as performed by Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem

Fact is there's nothin' out there you can't do
Yeah, even Santa Claus believes in you

My husband says this should be my personal theme song, because I do think there is nothing out there I can't do.  Fact is, I'm sure there's nothin' I can't do with Lacreshia and Phyllis on my team!

In just a few months, we have launched a website and found a physical location.  We just had our first meet-the-doulas event on Saturday with a great turnout.  We are busy now getting our physical space furnished and ready to host an open house in a few weeks, with an eye toward a grand opening at the beginning of June (yes, you're invited--details to come!).  

But most of all, I'm so proud to be part of a vision to better serve women, partners and babies.  The childbearing year is hard, and we as a society don't do such a great job of supporting new families during this gigantic transitional period in their lives.  I am thrilled to be working toward a more peaceful transition to parenthood within my community.  By joining forces with the other members of the AustinBorn team, we are able to offer so much more collectively than any one of us could do on our own.  And it all started with a dream, a picture of what could be, spoken aloud and acted upon.

Can you picture? You gotta see it in your mind!
Can you picture? You know it's quick and easy to find!
Can you picture? You don't have to buy a frame!
Can you picture? Can you picture that?

What is the dream in your heart today?  What might you be able to do if you dared to speak it aloud?  

Oh wow, can you get behind it? Fer shurely...

 image via  The Muppet Mindset

--Stephanie Spitzer-Hanks, proud AustinBorn doula