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Austin, Texas


AustinBorn is a modern parenting center in Austin, TX offering classes and services in an inclusive atmosphere. We offer birth + postpartum doula care, group prenatal classes, childbirth education, loss support, postpartum support groups, breastfeeding support group, lactation counseling, breastfeeding education and special workshops. Come say hello and check out our cozy space. We can't wait to meet you!


3 Tips for Making Meals Easy After Baby Arrives

Austin Born

We imagine you've heard PLENTY about how life changes after the arrival of a baby. Disrupted sleep, crying fits, overwhelming frustration, plus love and joy like you've never known before. Self-care can be the biggest hurdle for parents and you may (or may not) be surprised at how quickly healthy eating goes out the window. 

We know how it is-- you can barely find time to take a shower and somehow your kitchen is supposed to magically become an episode of Top Chef?! Puh-lease. 

But your own wellness is SO important in order for you to take good care of your baby. Filling our body with nutritious food gives the fuel parenting demands. Good news is, there are plenty of hacks to help you conquer mealtime and below are 3 of our top tips.

1. Prep Freezer Meals:

This is maybe the easiest thing you can do because it can be accomplished in the weeks leading up to baby's arrival. Not sure what keeps well? These posts below have got you covered:

2. Try Out a Meal Plan Subscription:

Perhaps the biggest struggle on the road to healthy home cooking is the time & energy it takes to plan meals, research recipes and put together a grocery list (by the way, we're pretty sure this is true for just about everyone, parent or not!). Fortunately, there are some wonderful online subscription services that take all of those troubles out of the equation:

3. Go For Healthy Delivery

When home cooking just isn't going to happen, there are a couple options to pick-up healthy, ready made meals *or* even have all the prepped ingredients with recipe delivered to your house:

What helped you stay well-fed after baby arrived?