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Austin, Texas


AustinBorn is a modern parenting center in Austin, TX offering classes and services in an inclusive atmosphere. We offer birth + postpartum doula care, group prenatal classes, childbirth education, loss support, postpartum support groups, breastfeeding support group, lactation counseling, breastfeeding education and special workshops. Come say hello and check out our cozy space. We can't wait to meet you!


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The Circle: A Gathering for Mothers

Austin Born

The weather is a little cooler (Well, not THAT much in TX, but it's not 90 degrees so we'll take it.), we made it through our annual October birth storm, the holidays are upon us, and we're preparing to wrap up an incredible year at AustinBorn. As our community continues to grow, we are welcoming some big changes to make our mission even greater for you.

We've been working hard this year to ensure AustinBorn is an inclusive community and that the language we use represents that. One shift we're making in this realm is to change the name of the Breastfeeding Cafe so that all mothers feel welcome to come for feeding support. There are many variations of infant feeding and the name of our group must represent that. 

So we're making both of our weekly support groups The Circle: A Gathering for Mothers. This group remains a same safe space to give and receive support regarding all things motherhood and our members will see the same lovely and professional facilitators each week. Our hope is that this change further opens our door to the greater ATX community. 

We have a few more big announcements to make over the next few weeks so stay tuned!


Breastfeeding + Babywearing

Austin Born

We had such a fun time trying on Brooke's ring slings and checking out what each other brought.  Our hands down favorite was the Pognae carrier, which is the tan one with the front vent in the photos above.  The mom who brought it said she bought it years ago on eBay in Korean, but that now they are available here in the US.  We all thought it looked like it would be more wearable in the TX heat than most of the other options.

After we had all tried on all the carriers we wanted to, the conversation turned to bras.  Where is the best place to go here in Austin, particularly if you are a larger size? Petticoat Fair, where you have to sign in and work with a fitting specialist, and you will pay a premium for the service, but where you will be able to find something you'll be happy wearing.  Some ladies mentioned having success with the Bravado line of bras (linked from amazon, right).  But keep in mind that Petticoat Fair or the lingerie section of some large department stores can alter any bra into a nursing bra.  You could also do this yourself if you're handy with a needle and thread, and have that kind of time and patience!

Another tip from a seasoned mom: Earth Mama Angel Baby Booby Tubes are handy for breast discomfort, especially in those early days when you are figuring things out.  She mentioned that she also found them super useful the other day when she sprained her ankle!

If you missed the fun this week, there's more to come next Friday!